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Lately I've been reading a lot about minimalism and bicycle touring. Something about getting rid of all of the junk in this apartment and travelling the world with only my bicycle and a few bags is becoming increasingly intriguing. But what would I get rid of? What is "junk"? What do I own that is essential for living and what do I own just because. It seems that most things I have are part of a collection of garbage that just keeps piling up. It's probably the same for most people as well.

We live in a consumer culture where we are constantly told to buy, buy, buy. We are told that more is better and so we strive to buy bigger TVs, bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger lives. But from my experience, more things just causes more trouble and more aggravation. The more there is, the less room there is to breathe. Frankly, I'm suffocating and I'm tired of all of these possessions tying me down.

Time to sell, sell, sell.

Update: Raw again. Ashley's gone. Running.

Posted on 2009.07.13 at 19:44
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1. Although I eat rather healthy, I haven't been as raw as I'd like to be. I got some groceries today - all raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. So starting tonight, I plan to be at least 90%-100% raw (with the rare exception of eating out with friends).

2. Ashley has left for a month. She's currently in Dublin. This will be the longest we've been apart since I've known her. We've been together and have basically lived together for a year now. It's crazy how time flies. I miss her. It's going to be lonely without her here but I will manage. I have school, work (and finding a new job), running, and music to occupy my time. Plus, while she's gone, I'll be moving into her place. Things will be much different when she gets better. I just hope we can stand living with her sister. I hope Ashley or I don't kill her.

3. I've been running a lot. I love the Vibrams. Some guy asked me about them today while getting food at Whole Foods. He wants a pair so I gave him all the info on how to get them. I did some stair intervals at Mizner yesterday morning. It was pretty awesome. I'm going to go tomorrow morning as well. Although I do enjoy running along canals with the ducks and iguanas, I wish there were mountains and more trails where I live. Damn you, Boca Raton! I can't wait until Ashley and I finish our Bachelors so we can move already.

This is my life.

Posted on 2009.05.22 at 20:48
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I eat healthy, mostly raw. I exercise almost every day. I love running now. I can run over 10k without stopping now which is cool. I guess I'm informally training for a marathon. I've been looking up races for awhile now. I'd like to do some 5 and 10ks for some charities in the near future. I've been making music lately. Ashley and I are doing pretty well. Sometimes there are a few scares but who doesn't have some? The strange thing is that we consciously express how if anything ever happened between us, we would always come back to each other. It's nice to know, or at least think and believe, that this is true. Nothing lasts forever but it'll be nice if this does. You never know. Our one year anniversary is in July. We've pretty much been living together the entire time we've known each other. Strange, right? It's worked though.

I am happy.
The only thing I am really unhappy about is how my car had fleas and I flea-bombed the apartment and car. Now the smell won't come out of my car (or apartment) and it's extremely toxic. I get headaches being in there. I need to get it "professionally" cleaned tomorrow and hope this poison gets extracted from my seats. I'm so healthy, it would be a crime to get cancer because of this haha.

Update on life.

Posted on 2008.11.02 at 23:33
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I haven't written in here in awhile so I figured I'd give an update for whatever reason there may be.

Life is really good. I'm in love... which I didn't think was possible. School's going moderately well. Work is alright. Still need to find a roommate, unfortunately. Ashley and I are going to New York on the 19th. We'll be in NYC for two days and nights and then we'll be in Ithaca and Watkin's Glen for an early vegan Thanksgiving at Farm Sanctuary. We've been taking care of some dogs that have been boarding at the vet. We fell in love with one wheaten that stayed here for a week. I really want a dog. I really want a wheaten or a terrier of sorts. I'll be checking petfinder until I find one! Um... I'm getting some work done on my forearm in a few weeks... hopefully. I'll be getting an Albert Schweitzer quote and sunflowers incorporated around the boring dove I already have. I just have to meet with the artist again this week, draw up a design, and wait until the inks he orders come in (Most tattoo ink isn't vegan so I researched which are and am having him order them).

I'm happy.

Joe has died.

Posted on 2008.07.18 at 13:02
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When Nate told me this morning, I had no idea how it would affect me. I was at work by myself just cleaning up before the vet got in. I almost started crying. I had to hold in the pain. I haven't talked to him since we moved out over a year ago and I can't believe I never got to see him since. I tried contacting him through myspace and phone but never got an answer. We used to be pretty good friends. I mean, we decided to live together at the den. I've learned that rooming with a friend can ultimately destroy the friendship and I know that I won't make that mistake again. I really wish I saw him though. I've been having dreams about him for awhile now and it just hurts that I couldn't say goodbye or tell him that I cared about him. I cried when I got home. I'm on break right now and have to go back to work and I just hope that I don't have to be there for long. I haven't cried in a long, long time. I thought I was heartless. Guess I'm not.

Sorry man.

Work and food and stuff.

Posted on 2008.03.14 at 21:43
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It's very nice to work for my parent's and not be driven insane by my mom. It took some years but the relationship I have with my parents has become a good one. I think my mom's just happy because she knows that I've genuinely changed from the binge drinking, fire-lighting, drunk-driving, irresponsible, careless person I used to be. This is probably why she doesn't call me constantly and harass me about every detail in my life anymore.

Nate and I got a lot of shelves down today. I cleaned up the warehouse. It's getting emptier each day. It'd be sick if we could finish next week. Uh oh. What would I help them with when we finish with that? Oh shit.

Oh yeah, and I've been with the vet since December and I've only gotten one paycheck. What the fuck's up with that!!?? I gotta ask her tomorrow.

And I never hung out with my sister in the past but considering she's living at my parent's/her dad's place now, I see and talk to her more often now. She's down to come to some vegetarian restaurants with me which is cool, especially since no one else ever seems to want to.

Still wish I had vegan friends. It gets kind of lonely being the only person who cares about what I eat and pay for especially if I'm ridiculed for it.

Sigh. Things are good though.